A guide to cooking your steak: from blue to well done

From blue to well done, I will guide you through all of them...

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If you are one of the people who are super confused about the different variations of how to cook a steak, you're in luck. Here's a simple and clear guide to each of them!

Blue Rare: 115 Fahrenheit

The first of the many different ways you can get a steak done is Blue (AKA: Extra Rare). This steak is as close to raw as you can get without it being, well raw. A Blue steak is seared on the outside, but very, very briefly.

Rare: 120 Fahrenheit

A Rare steak should feel soft with barely any resistance. Rare steaks have around 75% red center. A rare steak is best with lean steaks that don't have too much fat, as it will melt off.

Medium Rare: 130 Fahrenheit

A Medium Rare steak is arguably the best way to have your steak done, but that does depend on the cut. A Medium Rare steak will have a 50% red center. If you are going to try to make the juiciest, most flavorful steak, this is your ideal level of cooking.

Medium: 140 Fahrenheit

For a Medium steak, the interior changes from red to pink. Medium steaks have a 25% pink center, with a firmer texture and feel. You won't lose much of the juiciness and flavor, but you will lose a little bit of tenderness.

Medium Well: 150 Fahrenheit

Welcome to the land of dryness and no color. A Medium Well steak will have barely any pink left in the center. Expect a much drier steak than you would get from Medium.

Well Done: 160 Fahrenheit

A Well Done steak is as grey as can be. There's no pink left, and most of the flavor has gone. A Well Done steak is also super dry, and it takes real dedication to eat this kind of steak. My opinion? If you are getting a steak done like this, you are doing steak wrong.


I hope that helped clear things up! I tried to personal experience mixed with professional opinions and tricks to make this the most accurate and informative guide. Make sure to drop a vote in the poll below, and write your thoughts in the comments.

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