- Entrée, Main, and Dessert...a bit of a mission, but overall a Valentine's success!

A Home Cooked Valentine's Day Treat

My first go at making a full 3 course Valentine's day meal for my man

1w ago

Entrée: Camembert Bites with Kewpie Mayonnaise and Sweet Chilli Sauce

I cheated a little bit here, but this easy, crispy, creamy, and delicious treat was worth it! Just 7 minutes in the air fryer at 180 degrees C. A quick squirt of mayo and sweet chilli sauce for dipping and you are away! Highly recommended.

Entrée Beverage Pairing: Spicy Cajun Pineapple Martini

After running a cut lemon around the edge of my glass, I dipped the rim in some salt and Cajun seasoning. Then I poured in my Pineapple Martini (click here for the recipe) and popped a piece of pineapple on the rim of the glass. One sip and I was on a spicy tropical island. The Cajun flavours really compliment the sweetness of the pineapple, this is definitely a new favourite Martini for me, super quick, tasty, easy, and interesting. After a few sips, I dropped the pineapple into the cocktail to soak for a bit – the end result was a supernoms boozed up pineapple – something we all need in our lives for sure!

Main: Baked Eggplant and Green Beans with Roast Potatoes and Air Fryer Sweetcorn

When in doubt, choose your weapon and search on FoodDevour! Tonight’s weapon was Eggplant and my search lead me to this wonderful recipe by Olivia Daoust (click here to check out her post).

The soft eggplant takes on the wonderful spice mix and the cheese really helps to round everything off. I didn’t have whole coriander seeds, so I just used ground coriander (my new favourite spice) and I also used a mix of parmesan and tasty cheddar cheese. I wanted some green, so in went some green beans, they added a nice crunch and vibrant flavour, a great addition to this dish. Served on a bed of roasted duck fat potatoes with a side of air fryer corn on the cob, this meal was absolutely fantastic. I asked my partner if he would have ordered it at a restaurant and he said, “actually yes, it was really good!” Success!

Main Beverage Pairing: Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé NV

Inspired by FoodDevour Editor Rachael Hogg's recent post about Rosé Prosecco, when I spotted this on sale in the supermarket today, I couldn't leave it behind. And what do you know? It is noms!

Crisp with berry and citrus flavours, it is great for drinking now. It was a wonderful compliment to the eggplant dish, but surprisingly (and I know I'm jumping ahead here), the raspberries in my sorbet were a bit much and completely overpowered the flavour, so not a good match with my dessert, but the sorbet really stood well on its own.

If you're in New Zealand or Australia, you can find more information about where to get your own bottle here.

Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet with White Chocolate Shavings

This was fast, easy, tangy, fruity, and refreshing! I had originally planned to serve it in white chocolate cups, but the recipe I found for the cups completely failed so I ended up grating white chocolate shavings over the sorbet instead – still a good move! Probably better to have the subtle chocolate hit than a whole cup of it, so I was stoked with the end result.

I had more of the Prosecco Rosé with the sorbet, but as I mentioned above, the raspberries really overpowered the flavour. I will have to do some future testing on a more appropriate beverage pairing.

The final gift - one very clean kitchen...

Happy Valentine's to my man - he didn't cook and he didn't have to clean up either! Lucky man!

Happy Valentine's to my man - he didn't cook and he didn't have to clean up either! Lucky man!

Overall a success - how have you all been celebrating this Valentine's Day?

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Comments (19)

  • Wow! Well done! 👌🏻

      11 days ago
  • Great job! Everything looks great. I was thinking that your raspberry sorbet would go well with a dark chocolate mousse 😋. I like raspberries with pale ales or with a fruity red wine 😍.

      11 days ago
    • Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day! 🙂 I had considered both dark chocolate and mousse and then changed my mind because my partner always gets raspberry and white chocolate muffins when he be gets coffee so thought he might like it better. A...

      Read more
        11 days ago
    • Yummy 😋, I want raspberry sorbet 🥺

        11 days ago
  • That is a real nice dinner. Great job Tabitha. Happy to see you made the cajun martini. 😀

      11 days ago
    • It was so yum! I will post it properly in the drinks tribe later. Even my partner liked it. I'm glad we have a new cocktail we both like, he doesn't normally like gin! 😂

        11 days ago
    • I am glad it turned out. Gin is not one of my favorites either.

        11 days ago
  • Yaaay! This all looks and sounds amazing Tabitha 😍!! And I love that you found some Rose Prosecco too!!

      10 days ago
    • Thanks Rachael 🙂 it sure was a well timed find, and a yummy one at that. My new favourite fizz for sure, thanks for sharing the fact that it existed 😁

        10 days ago
  • Sorry I forgot to tag you! Thank you so much for the eggplant method inspiration, it really helped make my final dish very yummy indeed 😁🥰

      10 days ago