A 'just-right' rice recipe

Do you get frustrated by rice that never comes out right, no matter what you do? I used to, as well... but not anymore

35w ago

I absolutely love rice; probably a bit too much. But think about it – it can make or break some dishes. You wouldn't, for instance, have spaghetti with a curry or chilli con carne – that just sounds ghastly. You can do wonders with rice. But cooking it on the hob using a pan and getting it 'just right' is a whole can of worms.

Granted, there are rice cookers these days which ensure your rice comes out lovely – but you could argue that using a rice cooker is kind of cheating. You could also cook rice using a Pyrex dish with a lid and throw it in the microwave, but again, that's a bit 'off-piste'. I'm a bit of a traditionalist, in that if it's not cooked in a pan and on the hob, it's not proper rice.

It took me quite a while to nail down a recipe for rice that could be tried, tested and shared. There are three main rules when it comes to cooking rice that I follow closely:

1) You MUST wash it until all the starch is gone.

2) Use basmati rice.

3) Keep the lid on until the very end.

Please feel free to adapt this recipe. Adding peas, vegetables (chopped small) or spices to jazz it up a bit is great, as long as you follow the rice to water ratio and cooking method closely. So here goes...

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Comments (6)

  • I learned to wash the rice (short grain) and let it soak in water for a few hours after watching a video. The soaking made a difference, I could store it in the fridge for 4 days and the rice was still soft and moist. I use a rice cooker, I always end up with porridge when I tried to cook it in a pan.

      8 months ago
    • Soaking is definitely the key. Overcooking is something I’ve done a thousand times. Try this recipe, you won’t end up with porridge :)

        8 months ago
  • We should give you a Michelin star for this rice recipe. I am highly intimidated right now.

      8 months ago
  • Unfortunately there's a rice-cooker in the cupboard above the stove, and I'm lazy.

      8 months ago