A kebab shop inside a London double decker bus? Yes please

Kebabs and buses go hand in hand. One clever chap has married the two.

1y ago

Nothing’s more natural a pairing than a kebab and a London bus; the two are both staples come the end of a night out. And now, a kebab shop has opened in an old London bus, so you can eat your doner in its natural habitat.

Unfortunately, this bus is stationary; it’s based in Edmonton, where it gets its gas, water and electricity from the nearby supermarket.

This was a concept dreamed up by Firat Amara, a 41 year old with over 25 years of experience in the kebab industry. With the help of two colleagues he removed a few seats, the engine and the back tyres to make room for 40 customers, plus the equipment needed to make and serve kebabs.

Most of his clientele are from North Middlesex hospital, based only a short walk away. The staff, visitors and patients are in love with this new lunch spot. But the bus catches the late night trade too; its open until 3am.

The bus has only been open for a week, but already it’s a hit. It’s captured the attention of social media users, many of whom are making the journey to go and see the kebab bus for themselves. This was all part of Amara’s plan: he said that he pursued the idea thinking that, ‘if [he] gets a double decker bus then people will share it on Instagram, be interested to come and will use it as an advert’.

The bus has been an enormous success, so much so that Amara is considering opening a second one in Stratford.

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Comments (2)

  • Interesting idea.

      1 year ago
  • Not bad. Eventually it'll have to be booked.

      1 year ago