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A legendary Californian chef is headed to London to open a pizzeria

Nancy Silverton will be opening a branch of Pizzeria Mozza on Regent Street!

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Los Angeles native Nancy Silverton is legendary in the US, known for popularising sourdough and artisan breads in the states as well as her successful Italian-themed restaurants Ostia Mozza and its pizzeria counterpart Pizzeria Mozza that she formed in partnership with Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich. Whilst her commercial endeavours seem to have been limited to America, it looks like Silverton's business is stepping over to the other side of the Atlantic for the first time as a branch of Pizzeria Mozza will be opening up in central London!

This new branch of Pizzeria Mozza will be at the Treehouse Hotel, which is at the top of Regent Street. There certainly won't be any issues with location, as it'll be on the ground floor of the hotel and right next door to the BBC's London headquarters! Whilst Silverton's personal involvement in the restaurant will almost certainly be very limited due to its huge distance away from the US, it'll definitely adhere to Pizzeria Mozza's core philosophy and menus. The menu in particular ranges from Pizzeria Mozza's takes on the classic pizzas that we're all familiar with to more unconventional fare. Unfortunately for some of you who have a very particular taste in pizzas, the more unconventional selections include a Hawaiian pizza... feel free to rage if you have to!

Whilst Silverton and her culinary enterprises haven't expanded into London before, the American chef isn't exactly unfamiliar with the city. In fact, she actually trained at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School nearly 45 years ago in 1977! Le Cordon Bleu is located very close to the Treehouse Hotel, so having her first London restaurant open there is actually quite a sentimental experience for her. Speaking to the Evening Standard, she described the opening as being like "a wonderful homecoming" for her; "I wasn’t the greatest cooking student then, and hopefully, my return to the city where I went to school will show I’ve learned a few things."

Things haven't been so plain sailing for Silverton and her business endeavours in recent years, however. Mario Batali stepped away from his business empire a couple of years ago following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, Joseph Bastianich is still under an "ongoing" investigation as part of the misconduct claims against Batali and Silverton herself faced a huge amount of public backlash due to an op-ed published by her and her partner Michael Krikorian in the LA Times which likened looters who broke into her restaurants and damaged them to "roaches" and used racist references when talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. Krikorian apologised for the op-ed soon afterwards, but this came after several members of staff at the LA Times joined in with the backlash against it.

Will Silverton's first venture on the other side of the Atlantic pay off? We'll just have to wait and see. If it does, it could maybe make those controversies that have surrounded her and her business in recent years sting a little bit less. It all hangs on whether the trendiest London diners take to the creations that have made her a culinary superstar in the states...

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