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A little taste of Germany: Maultaschen

Inspired from Robin Ho's Quintessential German post

3w ago

Maultaschen are a traditional German dish from the Swabian region. This is Germany's version of the ravioli and is served in broth or cooked in butter and onions. I decided if I'm going to make it I might as well try it both ways.

Served in broth was tasty but definitely not my favorite and will probably not have it that way again.

Sliced up and cooked in butter and onions was absolutely delicious. I should have added more butter but this was smelling too good to worry about it.. This has a great combination of ingredients, beef, pork, spinach and just a few seasonings that just takes you to flavor town and wanting more. Luckily I made too many so I was able to freeze some to cook up for a later meal.

I would like to say thanks to Robin for posting his which inspired me to go find a recipe to make. If you have not checked out Robin's post, link below and make sure to go give it some love. The recipe I based it off of is also linked below if you decide you want to give this a try as well.

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I hope you all enjoyed this, let me know in the comment on what you think.

Stay safe and I will see you all in the next one...

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