A little tour through our vegetable garden

It's already a lovely growing season

Amanda M posted in Homegrown
14h ago

It took us a decade, but we've finally added our own little vegetable garden outside of our apartment building. We have two tomato plants, a green pepper, and a jalapeno. Since planting them only a couple of weeks ago, they've quickly begun to show exciting signs of life.

There's already adorable little green peppers growing. We use these often in recipes, so it will be great to have our own growing in the yard for when we want them.

How about this cute tomato already coming in? He is just soaking up all that sun. There's nothing quite like a garden-fresh tomato, would you agree? After uploading this picture, I realized there seems to be tiny black bugs all over this one. They're normal pests, but later I'll go out and brush them off.

So far, there's only small flowers on the jalapeno, but that means the peppers aren't too far behind. That's the one I'm most excited about! I live for spiciness 🌶

Thanks for stopping by our garden🍅

Have you tried growing vegetables? Which is your favorite one to grow?

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Comments (4)

  • I like all plants, but I think my current favorite is artichokes - I have some in a pot on the deck. They're a total experiment, because they really need a longer growing season than we get, but I'm hoping to at least see what artichoke flowers look like. ☺ You've got some happy plants growing in your yard! Have fun!

      13 hours ago
  • I've been working on my vegetables patch today. Weeding so I can plant my seedlings soon

      13 hours ago
  • Beets are my favorite followed closely by popcorn.

    Odd right 😄

      13 hours ago
  • Very nice

      7 hours ago