A man with a podcast and an obsession has invented a new shape of pasta

Meet 'cascatelli'

7w ago

Pasta-obsessed podcast host Dan Pashman has accidentally created a new type of pasta, officially known as "cascatelli". Pashman, food writer and host of The Sporkful podcast, decided to partner up with pasta specialists Sfoglini to sell the new product and, as you'd expect, it's sold out.

Pashman set out to create the perfect pasta shape around three years ago and he spent a considerable amount of time studying how to design, engineer and produce it. You can actually check out his work in an amazing 5-episode series called 'Mission: ImPASTAble".

He eventually realized he should prioritize three core qualities: 'sauceability', 'forkability' and 'toothsinkability'. In other words, the pasta would have to be easy and satisfying to bite into and it should complement the sauce by adhering well to it.

According to pasta expert Maureen Fant (Encyclopedia of Pasta), there are over 300 distinct pasta shapes but that number swells up when you consider regional differences. Pashman's cascatelli ('cascatelle' is Italian for little waterfalls) sold out in a matter of hours and, at the time of writing, only the 5-pound bulk bag was available for $21.95.

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