A MasterChef contestant was kicked off the show after serving an uncooked bird

The incident happened on MasterChef Spain and it's... pretty weird

30w ago

We've all been there. We've sat down for a meal and something that's kinda... well, not right... has been presented to us. Maybe you might have even been presented with something truly horrifying a few times. The latter happened to the judges of the eighth season of MasterChef Spain recently, when one contestant presented them with an uncooked dead bird. If you thought that wasn't weird enough, the story behind it gets even weirder...

The person who 'cooked' (I use the inverted commas for a reason) up this diabolical dish was Saray, who is usually a social worker. Saray had already developed a reputation on the show for not being the greatest of cooks and, according to regular viewers of the show, she was still reeling from some very harsh criticism that she'd been given from the judges regarding previous efforts.

She left the bird in question (a Partridge) completely uncooked with the feathers still unplucked (apparently, she found the idea of plucking the bird to cook it far too disgusting). She tried to make the bird look more appealing by adding some dressing and cherry tomatoes, but there was no getting around it. This bird was so raw that if Gordon Ramsay was judging it he'd probably tell Saray it was still clucking.

Whilst Saray was removed from the competition swiftly after presenting this horror, she'll definitely be remembered for a long time to come. It's been doing the rounds on social media (especially on Spanish language accounts) and there's been some pretty hilarious images and memes that have come out of it. One of my personal favourites has to be this one:

I think @jotakx summed up this total MasterChef disaster pretty well!

Was this a troll on her part due to the judges constantly getting at her, or is she genuinely that incompetent as a cook? The answer's probably a bit of both. Either way, it made for some pretty entertaining TV.

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  • I watch Master Chef Spain. The woman that did this, had done a very bad job at the other challenges being rude with the other contestants and the judges in many occasions. It's sad because Master Chef Spain is one of the very few cooking contests that are actually about cooking and not about giving a show to the audience or being super dramatic like others. This time they made a very bad decision casting or accepting someone who gives a good show but doesn't even try to cook. In this occasion she had very little time to cook this bird and she already knew she was leaving so, instead of trying at least to remove the feathers or do something reasonable with it. She made a cream with all the weird stuff she could find and placed it on top to laugh at the judges. It was disgusting.

      7 months ago
  • I saw it some months ago XD hahaha

      6 months ago
  • Oh. My. God. Wow...

      7 months ago