Pizza brought to you by
Pizza brought to you by
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A new app in the US will pay you to eat pizza, with pizza

The app is called Slice

5h ago

A pizza opp called 'Slice' is looking to recruit 50 pizza taste testers - officially known as a 'Head of Pizza' - that are going to get paid in... pizza. Hashtag inception. The idea is simple, if you get the gig, you'll be eating pizza for free, and on top of that, you'll be paid a year's worth of free pizza.

Slice works with a plethora of independent pizza places and restaurants to try and create the best possible pizza to compete with the big dogs in the industry. They've also recently created an ad hoc platform called 'P.I.E. (Promotion of Independents Everywhere) Society' for this purpose, and if you're wondering why they're looking for 50 people specifically, that's because they want one for each state.

Along with the 52 weekly credits of $25 on the Slice app (worth around $1,300), the 50 taste testers will also receive four $125 Visa gift cards that can be spent however they see fit.

If you think you have what it takes and are over 21 years of age, you can apply directly via the Slice app. Applications will be accepted until July 30 and winners will be notified on August 13. The would-be taste testers are required to 'visit and/or order from new pizza shops every week, take pictures and videos of the experience and 'evangelize your state's best pizzerias'.

According to Slice, 'Applications will be judged on the Applicant's demonstrated love for pizza, creativity skills, social media presence, and geography".

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  • I might need to check into this. Like I need more to do.

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