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A new start-up wants us to eat our food in 50g squares

SquarEat reckons it can change the way we consume food

2d ago

We've seen quite a few weird food trends over the years. Things are seemingly becoming weirder and weirder in the age of social media too. I'm sure many of you have seen all the strange food and drink trends that are all the rage on TikTok! This attempt to do something new with food, however, is one of the strangest yet. The Miami-based startup SquarEat wants us to eat our food in (you guessed it) 50g squares!

SquarEat, which wants to tap into the ever-growing market of 'ready to eat' meals, is keen to point out that these square meals aren't meal replacements. They're all real food, just in a very different shape to what you're used to. These squares will be delivered to you as part of a personalised meal plan. These meal plans come in two different sizes (small and regular) and can vary from as little as 5 to as much as 20 meals per week. The small size contains 4 squares per meal, whilst the regular size contains 6. The personalisation aspect of the meal plans happens by selecting different flavours you want, with descriptors such as "Fishermen", "Sweet Break" and "Treat". There's also a plant-based option, for the vegetarians and vegans among us!

These squares are all claimed to be free of all the nasty additives that can end up being added to food, whilst also (according to a promotional video) be "healthier, tastier and lasts longer than the available alternatives on the market." Sounds promising!

SquarEat also claims that it can use an algorithm to tell customers what they should eat. This algorithm works based off of the choices you select yourself when you take out a meal plan. If your plan is focused more towards 'athletic' options, for example, the algorithm will suggest foods to you that lean towards that. How effective this algorithm could be in suggesting you things you'd like to try is yet to be seen, though. People can be more and more skeptical of algorithms these days and may not want to trust the machine (so to speak) about what kind of food they should be putting into their mouths.

"We have experienced first-hand the inefficiencies of traditional meal plan services and have seen a clear possibility of disruption in bringing a complete transformation to a sector that is growing tremendously fast, introducing a brand-new concept," explained SquarEat's founder and CEO Paola Cadegiani. "Thanks to the Squared shape we are able to run a mass production while using gourmet techniques. Thermal shocking conservation, low temperature cooking, and vacuum sealing packing allow us to produce superior quality food and sell it at an affordable price."

SquarEat doesn't just want to deliver personalised meal plans to individuals, either. It wants to take on the B2B market as well. Part of the plans for the company is to install SquarEat branded fridges and spaces in gyms, universities, offices and basically any other places where they can be installed. It's something that's definitely worked for other companies, so if SquarEat does actually take off I see no reason why it can't work for these cube-shaped oddities either.

This is all well and good, but do people really want to invest in this? It seems so! The company has already raised over $182,000 in investment through crowd investing platform WeFunder, hitting its first investment goal in the process. It wants to eventually raise $700,000 to make its dreams of cubic meals a reality. Whilst that figure is still quite a way off, it really does seem like people want to buy into the idea of these square ready meals.

Will we be eating all our food in 50g squares in the future? We can't really say just now. What SquarEat is offering though is a novel take on the ready to eat meals market that could very well take off. Regardless of what you may think about the concept, this Floridian oddball of a company is well worth keeping an eye on.

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  • No thanks, I like my food to have shapes and rough edges, gravy or sauce. nones that I can hold and chew!

      1 day ago
  • Foods that do not naturally come as squares have been artifically produced and can not be considered clean or unprocessed??

      18 hours ago