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Ben Welham posted in Burgers
1y ago

Like many of us Brits, a Wetherspoons meal is something we have several times in our lives. It just sort of happens. Yesterday, it was one of my flatmates birthdays, so we decided to take him out for a spoons meal.

Did I mention I had some pints of Stella?

Did I mention I had some pints of Stella?

The evening didn't get off to the best start as the Wetherspoons we had chosen to go to in Lincoln, 'The Square Sail' was jam packed. I mean, really full. Trust me, it is not easy to find a table big enough for seven people at a busy spoons. But alas, we found a table and all squeezed around it and all jumped straight onto the infamous Wetherspoons app to order some drinks.

I ordered two pints of Stella because it is the weekend and I can't be tamed. Thankfully, my drinks came first and I guzzled them down faster than you could say 'The Square Sail'. Once we had indulged in our drinks and pitchers, we went on to order some grub. I went for a Fried Buttermilk chicken burger with an extra chicken burger, cheese, bacon and avocado. I thought this would be a tasty little number and the total was £10.05 with another pint of Stella. All I need now is a white vest, and I'll be on some sort of register.

Now, when my food arrived, I was a little disappointed by the avocado. It was only half and was rather old looking. It had black bits on it and just tasted off. Shame there. The burger itself was delicious, admittedly a little large but I powered through nonetheless. The chips were great too, especially with added mayo. The bread was done right and the chicken was divine. Overall, not a bad meal I would say.

After this, we ordered more drinks and I will keep the rest to myself, as it proceeded to get rather messy. I would just like to formally apologise to 'The Square Sail' on behalf of my flatmates. We will return the salt, straws, glasses, plates, light fittings, tables and chairs as soon as possible.

What do you order at Wetherspoons?

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  • Tennessee burger with the JD sauce is my usual in Wethy’s or the Empire State 🤔 £8 with chips salad and a pint! Can’t beat it! Some Wetherspoons are a bit scabby but our local ain’t too bad- last time I went they had a Rhubarb cider which was lipsmackingly good 😋

      1 year ago

      1 year ago
  • How would you rate this meal? @tribe

      1 year ago