A really good BBQ burger

Just don't look at my buns

Doug F posted in Burgers
3w ago

I needed a burger you all, so I fired up the grill and started cooking one, the bad thing was I did not know what I wanted on it. Then I remembered I had a bottle of Brownwood Farms jalapeno cherry BBQ sauce I wanted to try. Unfortunately the only bun I had looked like it got ran over in the bread drawer, so we will just ignore that. I topped this with two slices of smoked gouda cheese, onions, pickled jalapenos and that cherry jalapeno BBQ sauce.

Honestly I could have just ate the burger with only this sauce on it, this sauce tastes that good. When paired with everything else on the burger it was even better. I will make another one with better looking buns and the only thing that could make this burger even better, that's right BACON!

Have any of you tried this BBQ sauce before? Tell me in the comments below. I hope you enjoy your weekend FoodDevour. I love you all!

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