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A short but comprehensive review of a random Italian restaurant in Los Angeles

This is top class food journalism, yo

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So her name was Sara. Well, actually her name still is Sara. She's alive and well and ready to go back to Italy after spending fourteen months in New York. I don't know why I'm telling you this but I am. This is going to be an unusual review for two very important reasons. One, I don't actually remember what I had for dinner when I ate at this restaurant and two, it's not exactly a review. More like a trip down memory lane. But whatever, let's go.

I feel like I should address the major issue at hand from the get-go. I'm a fake Italiano. I don't particularly like wine, I don't particularly enjoy pasta, I do like pineapple pizza and if I were given the option to have a free meal from an Irish pub in West Hollywood or a Michelin-starred restaurant in Beverly Hills, I'd always, always go for the pub. And I know because I've done it before.

Photo by Gerson Repreza on Unsplash

Photo by Gerson Repreza on Unsplash

We met in Santa Monica in 2015. I was on holiday, she was attending UCLA with some sort of exchange programme, and because she's 100 % quintessentially Italian she told me she wanted to go to an Italian restaurant. I said "No" because I knew I wouldn't like it. Italian restaurants abroad are almost always terrible. She insisted and I still said no. Eventually she gave up and told me we could go wherever I wanted, as long as I let her pick the place. So in the end, alas, we did go to an Italian restaurant. And here it is, Maccheroni Republic in Downtown LA. Wonderful.

It's been a few years so I don't remember much. I seem to recall an outside dehor. I seem to remember marble table tops and wooden floor and wooden chairs. The food was a surprise. I remember thinking "wow, this is a surprise". I definitely remember I had to pay cash because I'd already maxed out my credit card. So yeah, Maccheroni Republic in Downtown LA on South Broadway. Lovely, lovely place. You should go there.

Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash

Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash

In case you're wondering, Sara and I are still on good terms.

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Comments (8)

  • Some would call this pointless. I call it art, because I enjoyed it.

      1 year ago
  • Even though she nearly had to pay for dinner?! ... lolol

    I recognize the building and will have to check it out.

    My brother lives near downtown and he likely has eaten there..

    Fame Italian.. I’m still laughing.. other than the pizza, which being half from Hawaii, I completely agree. No pasta?!! Other than pizza it explains why your so thin lol.🙄👍..

    I disagree that all stateside Italian restaurants are bad.. I mean chains.. Olive Garden I’m looking at you, are super salty for us fat Americans.. yes I said it..

    That said I’ve had some really good Tuscan food here in LA. One of the Best steaks 🥩 I’ve had were at an Italian restaurant.. I love seafood, no you won’t see me eating eel on Christmas. Lasagna yes, Eel, no... and I’m Portuguese not Italian lol.

    Hopefully you’ll have a nice visit again sometime. I’ll pick you up from LAX in the 68 Mustang convertible...

      1 year ago
    • yeah man, I want to come back in November (hopefully). She nearly, but then she didn't, because C.R.E.A.M. - where are you based btw?

        1 year ago
  • I must say, this is the most brilliant review I have read in a while.

      2 days ago
  • I like the back story, those kinds of casual acquaintances are nice 😊 As far as restaurants of any cuisine in America go, you can rarely find a bad spot in LA. I don't like restaurants, the flavorings and ingredients are always too much for my liking, but I genuinely loved everything I had in LA. You're inspiring me to make a post with my favorite LA spots

      3 days ago
  • MMMmm what was this about again? Nice but light on content...

      1 year ago