A "smashed" Caribbean jerk chicken burger

My entry for the #rumchallenge

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3w ago

FoodDevour, I have made The Juicy John and the Sir Juicy John burgers but this one I am thinking of calling it the Smashed John burger. After reading this post let me know if you think it is an appropriate name for this burger.

For John's #rumchallnge I started by making a Caribbean salsa with green onion, mango, red onion, tomato, garlic, habanero peppers, cilantro, salt, brown sugar, lime juice and of course a couple healthy shots of Bacardi pineapple rum. After it was all mixed I tossed it in the fridge to bring all the flavors together.

I used a bottle of Caribbean jerk that I reduced down on the stove and then added a couple of shots of Malibu Black coconut rum then reduced the sauce down just a bit more. While the sauce was reducing I smashed some ground chicken into patties and tossed them on a wood charcoal fire. While the chicken was cooking I brushed on the sauce so it would caramelize nicely on both sides, I added two slices of pepper Jack cheese to each patty and allowed them to melt nicely. I did not get a good picture of this because I was grilling at night.

On a nice Hawaiian bun I put a little bit of the sauce, lettuce, two chicken patties along with a healthy dose of the spicy Caribbean salsa and with a little more sauce on the top bun my burger was done. Ok, ok I have to confess my burger was not truly done because I forgot something I wanted to add. I had some coconut shrimp I was going to fry and skewer for the top of the burger as well but I forgot all about them until my wife asked "so what was the coconut shrimp for?" So in a way this is also a bit of a fail.

For the drink to go along with this burger my American side kicked in and I made a proper porch sitting iced tea because in America we drink our tea with ice and out of a jar. I started with a little smashed mango then added Snapple peach tea along with a couple of shots of both the coconut and pineapple rum.

The burger turned out good but I can improve it for sure, so I may remake this sometime down the road. The drink was spot on with a nice sweet tropical flavor that was refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day of sitting on the porch.

What do you all think of this combo? Tell me in the comments down below. I can not wait to see what creations you all cook up for the #rumchallenge. Stay positive and as always, I love you all!

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