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A​ Super Bowl 70 layer dip just made the Guinness Book of Records

I​t weighs 1087lbs and will take longer than three hours to eat

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Super Bowl Sunday is just three days away and so the subject of snacks is rife. What to eat while enjoying the came is as important as what armchair you choose to get comfy in.

C​hicken wings, popcorn, chips, pizza slices and dips — but not just any dips. In preparation for the big game tinned beans manufacturers Bush's Beans took the popular 7 layer dip and decided to multiple it by ten. That's right, no less than 70 layers!

T​he result is not only monstrous but record breaking — the brand entered the Guinness Book of Records this week the world’s largest layered dip weighing in at 1087lbs. A whopper!

B​ush's Beans tweeted their victory stating it took 19 people and 227 hours in total for preparation, planning and creation of the dip.

For those concerned about waste involved the brand stated: "It was donated to a local charity (Pacific Garden Mission) and a food hygienist was on-site to ensure we followed food safety guidelines and keep the 1087lbs of dip under 40°F so it was safe to eat."

The official attempt took place on 17 January 2020 in Chicago. The dips included Veggie, Cuban, Caprese, Loaded Baked Potato, Buffalo, Mediterranean, Fiesta, Spicy, Barbecue, and Classic.

Kate Rafferty, Consumer Experience Manager at BUSH’s told the Guinness Book of Records: “We know the classic 7-layer dip, made with BUSH’S Beans, is a fan-favorite for game day snacking.

“Every year we see an increase in searches for recipes, so this year we wanted to put a real twist on the traditional dip and do something fun for our fans while also showcasing the versatility of BUSH’S Beans through a wide range of recipes included in the 70-layer bean dip.”

The dip was presented in a clear serving vessel, measuring 1.43 m (4 ft 8 in) tall and 0.83 m (2 ft 9 in) wide, that was shaped to resemble a can of Bush's Beans.

B​ush's Beans

B​ush's Beans

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