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A sushi speakeasy with a sake vending machine in a hotel room exists in New York

Where there was once a queen bed, there’s now a four-seat sushi counter

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Step inside the world’s first restaurant to open inside of a hotel room. That's right, Sushi by Bou is putting a whole new spin on "room service" and we dig it.

Sushi by Bou at Suite 1001, which is located on the 10th floor of Hotel 3232 in New York City, first opened in 2018, and it invites diners into a very cosy sushi speakeasy space to enjoy a 17-piece omakase for $100.

The 150-square-foot hotel room has been transformed into a very intimate dining space — the queen-sized bed replaced with a sushi counter where Chef Bouhadana prepare plates such as smoked lean tuna and ikura, and uni sea urchin and fatty tuna, so close guests can see each slice of his knife.

S​ushi by Bou Facebook

S​ushi by Bou Facebook

The restaurant is accessible behind an unmarked door on the Hotel 3232′s 10th floor and on arrival in the lobby diners get a room key to the hidden restaurant.

On the other side of the door there’s a four-seat sushi bar, a lounge area (complete with a sake vending machine) and a 500-square-foot terrace bar with views of the Empire State Building.

The menu includes cuts of ikura, botan shrimp, and salmon from Alaska, and selections like the scallops and hamachi are sourced from Japan.

S​ushi by Bou roof terrace offers views of the Empire State Building, Facebook

S​ushi by Bou roof terrace offers views of the Empire State Building, Facebook

The experience is the brain child of Michael Sinensky and Erika London of Simple Venue, whose hospitality company focuses on turning underutilized space in hotels into memorable dining and beverage concepts.

Sushi by Bou Suite 1001 was the third Sushi by Bou location in New York City and there are now five. Two are at the Jue Lan Club and the Sanctuary Hotel, and the others are on Union Square's Zeckendorf Towers and inside the Nomad Hotel 3232.

Each location, including Miami and New Jersey too, offers their own speakeasy twists to keep guests guessing. Sushi by Bou at Suite 1001 is almost always completely booked, with diners typically making reservations two months in advance for a seat at the sushi bar.

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