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A swimmingly good lunch: Eating at the Lido in Bristol

As seen on the BBC's Remarkable Places to Eat, the Lido in Bristol is an experience and a half

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When we arrived at the Lido in Bristol, we were stunned! There was a swimming pool in the middle of the restaurant! How odd! We were sat down upstairs where we had a good view of the people swimming below. To drink, I ordered a lime cooler, because it sounded nice. When it arrived, it was sharp and had a nice citrusy kick to it. I thought I would order lamb with carrots and beetroot for main and bread and olives for starter.

When we ordered, I looked over the pool and noticed that there were lanes for certain types of swimmers such as speedy, medium and stroll (the last one is funny). Which lane would you go in?

Some of the food on offer at the Lido in Bristol

Some of the food on offer at the Lido in Bristol

When our starters came, they looked great! The olives were gorgeous, the oil and balsamic was just the right amount, and the sourdough bread was crusty and delicious. We got through almost all the bread (in my family I am known as Mr. Bread Monster).

Then the main courses came, and to my surprise, my lamb came in a bowl. The vegetables came with couscous and sweet peppers. The beetroots and heritage carrots were crunchy, and the lamb was just falling apart in my mouth. It tasted of the seasoning, honey and walnut. I also got a seasoned yoghurt with it, and it went really well with the lamb. We decided not to have pudding, as we had cakes at home.

Overall, the Lido was an amazing experience, for the growing experience book which is FoodDevour! Thanks for reading this article and I'll be back next week.

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  • Sounds like a fun place

      10 days ago
  • It definitely sounds quite lovely!

      10 days ago