A 'tactical beer response unit' is delivering pints to thirsty Londoners

It's a good old fashioned pub on wheels

Jessica Morris posted in Beer
51w ago

Remember those pre-COVID days when we all could go out to the pub and order a thirst-quenching pint whenever we fancied it? Well, after almost two months of lockdown, it looks like good times are here again – for Londoners, anyway.

Far from having to resort to a lonely tinny in the garden, people living in East London can now get their favourite freshly pulled beverage delivered to the door, thanks to local brewer Peter Brown.

Peter, the director of Forest Road Brewing Company, had the genius idea of topping up the public's beer glasses by loading his kegs into a van and pulling pints on their doorsteps. The van in question has the slogan 'tactical beer response unit' emblazoned on its side, and features external taps to help bring the amber nectar back to the masses.

Peter told Reuters, "It doesn’t fit as much beer as our bar would do on a normal Friday or Saturday, but what we do get is the pure joy on the customers’ faces when they see a cold glass of beer for the first time in six weeks. The look on their faces is just irreplaceable."

The service seems to be going down a treat with punters. Peter has seen a high demand for his beer deliveries, and is completely booked up until the end of May. He's even looking into buying another van so he can branch out and offer his services to other parts of the city.

Customer Nick Bateson said, "The man’s a hero, simple as that. Not all heroes wear capes, but this guy should. Amazing beer, quick delivery, love it."

Which do you prefer – draft beer or canned beer?

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Comments (11)

  • Brilliant idea. Wonder if he'd come down to west Sussex. 🤔

      11 months ago
  • 🎶Who wears short shorts?🎶 The man in that pic wears short shorts!

      11 months ago
  • This is an excellent idea. Though I'm assuming people come out with their own glasses and hold them while he touches the tap.

      11 months ago
    • That's right! It's all at a safe social distance, with face masks and everything!

        11 months ago
  • Tactical beer response unit? I was sold at that..

      11 months ago
  • Genuinely a brilliant idea.

      11 months ago