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A trip through childhood memories: Grandma's tuna casserole

Trying to retaste an old hazy memory

17h ago

Between the podcast with Doug F and then John Dique had a post I decided I needed to try and make it. I know some of you have already heard the story from Doug F's podcast but this will be for some of the ones that haven't.

simple ingredients

simple ingredients

While growing up this one of those dishes that sticks out in your memory. Whether it was because it drove my mother mad trying to fix it like Grandma that I would rather have it in frozen dinner form than to have hers or because my cousins liked it so well that when one of my cousins realized he was allergic to mushrooms he did not want to tell our Grandma in fear that she wouldn't fix it.

It's just some simple ingredients but the hardest one to replicate is the love. Even I can't do that for her dish. Extra wide egg noodles, tuna, cream of mushroom that later became cream of celery, grated parmesan and some bits of butter.

This was dinner tonight and it left me so disappointed. I would have been better off to fix my usual tuna casserole. I was looking for that taste I remembered and I couldn't replicate it.

Do you have any food memories that you haven't been able to replicate?

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Comments (32)

  • Plenty of those, mainly from my grandmother. I can think of a combo from green peppers, tomatoes, eggs and spices. I don't know how exactly she cooked them, but it was sort of a paste to spread it on a loaf of bread. My mother also can't remember. There are more I can think of, but the taste of this was insanely good and I'm kinda sad that it's lost.

      4 hours ago
  • It looks good!

      16 hours ago
  • Definitely good ✅🤍

      9 hours ago
  • I still want to try that. Looks yummy 😋

      14 hours ago
  • Childhood food memories are priceless! I remember my grandmother and later my mother's stew chicken. It was the most special thing, almost every sunday lunch! I will never be able to make it with the same flavour... Probably never gonna have anything like it ever again in my life. 💖

      14 hours ago
    • Not unless you can find someone that would want to make it for you.

        14 hours ago