- Laurent-Perrier Brut Cuvée Rosé.

A Valentine's Day Recommendation: Rosé Champagne

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"First things first... How's it taste?

The bubbles are feisty, yet dainty. The acidity is mouthwatering, and vibrant. The mousse is creamy and the mouthfeel is round. The aromas remind me of greek yoghurt, dried strawberry, and blood orange. The flavors are similar to sour cherry, raspberry, biscuit and cranberry sauce. The finish is a lengthy teeter between fruit and mineral drive. A great partner for oysters or smoked salmon.

"Is it attainable?"

Yes. Thankfully it is well distributed. I usually see it between $60 and $90, which isn't cheap, but it's also not crippling.

"Why should I even bother with Champagne. I don't taste the difference."

"Isn't Prosecco fine?"

Champagne is one of the most symbolic beverages in the history of beverages, and when you find one you like, it's sensational. It has the power to make a basic-bitch, chocolate'n'flowers evening seem extra special. Prosecco is perfect for a more typical experience. No rapper has ever bragged about popping La Marca. Nothing important has ever happened around Mimosas. Time stops for a moment when you open a bottle of Champagne. It's symbolism is associated with partnership, hospitality, joy, victory, and #SelfCare #SingleAwarenessDay... Plus, there's an emphatically desirable appeal to Champagne that get's people distinctly excited, especially when it's pink.

"Why don't I just get the orange-labelled one all the Real Housewives drink?"

Because I didn't recommend that... More importantly, the level of attention to detail that is given to this Brut Rosé is insane. Oddly (for Champagne), it's made of 100% Pinot Noir -- the hardest grape to grow in that region. Then it's fermented with very minimal exposure to oxygen to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas. If that doesn't sound special enough, the juice in that bottle is a blend of their finest vintages from 10 of their finest vineyards, and 1/3 of the juice in each bottle is from a reserve that is an average of 30 years old!

Still unimpressed? While the wine has having its second fermentation in bottle, they age it "sur lie" (on its lees). The minimum cellaring requirement for Champagne is 15-months (12 months sur lie), so in the pursuit excellence, Laurent-Perrier ages the Cuvée Rosé for 45-months longer than necessary. That means the youngest one you'll find is already 5-6 years old, not to mention they can age for decades longer.

To put it simply, whether you're celebrating Valentine's day with a loved one, or you are treating yourself to a healthy Single Awareness Day, Laurent-Perrier Brut Cuvée Rosé is going to flatter both your ego, and your meal, and you deserve it.

This video is from Tatler Dining Hong Kong

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