A wine theme park is opening in Shanghai

7,000 square metres 🍷

3d ago

Changyu, China's oldest winery, is set to open a new wine theme park in Shanghai later this year and it's going to be massive. They're going to call it the 'Changyu City Winery', located on the North Bund waterfront in Hongkou District, between Gongping Road Wharf and Qinhuangdao Wharf.

Changyu partenered up with a compagny called Jinmao's Shanghai International Shipping Service Center Development LTD (that's a mouthful) to build the wine theme park and while the site is still under construction, the plan is to get the party started by August 2021.

The 7,000 sq mt park will be divided into an 'experience' area and a dining area. Changyu owns around 20,000 hectares of land specifically allocated to produce wine, with an annual output of about 150,000 tons, and the dining area will be used exclusively to serve wine (and brandy) and pair with food.

In the experience area, customers and visitors will be given the opportunity to learn more how wine is produced and go on virtual tours of Changyu's wineries and vineyards.

Have you ever visited a wine theme park?

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