A YouTuber set up a fake restaurant and sold microwave meals on Deliveroo

A flat, a microwave and a Deliveroo account – but would it work?

1y ago

Some 45,000 Brits order takeaway food from Deliveroo every night in the UK. A further nine million people eat microwave meals each and every evening. But could these two culinary facts be combined to create a new restaurant business?

Would Deliveroo fall for it? Would any customers?

YouTuber Josh Pieters decided to find out.

He created a fake Italian restaurant called 'The Italian Stallion', registered a company in that name, and then applied to Deliveroo. But would his ruse be rumbled? Watch below to find out...

So there you go. It worked. Deliveroo were not put off by his address (which was of course just his flat), and he was allowed to trade on their app despite not having had an official hygiene inspection (an operative told him it would be fine as long as he had applied for one).

You can make up your own mind about the frantic section of the video when Josh and his co-conspirator Archie rush down to Waitrose to buy a ready meal to fulfil the order "accidentally" placed by one of their friends. And the bit where they decide it will be quicker and easier to deliver the meals down to the driver by a bucket on a piece of string...

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