Absolut launches paper bottles in the UK – the first for spirits

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Absolut Vodka has officially become the first spirits brand to utilise paper bottles in the UK (and Sweden) with an initial batch of 2,000 prototype bottles, which are set to be released across the UK and Sweden in the upcoming weeks.

Pernot Ricard, the multi-national company that owns Absolut, has picked the Swedish vodka brand as a test bed for this new solution but the goal is to gradually reduce plastic use in favour of glass and paper across its entire portfolio of spirits and drinks brands.

Absolut, first founded in Sweden in 1879, is a member of the Paboco (PAper BOttle COmpany) which also includes L’Oréal, Coca-Cola in Europe and Carlsberg, a start-up run by post-doctoral students from the Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, Denmark. The new paper bottle is made from 57% paper and 43% recycled plastic and it is fully recyclable.

Marnie Corrigan, brand director at Pernod Ricard UK, believes that "Lasting change takes time and the paper bottle explores alternative materials as part of our journey towards a sustainable future of packaging.”

Paper bottles are becoming increasingly popular, with companies like Suffolk-based Frugalpac at the forefront of paper bottle production for spirits and drinks such as Silent Pool gin and Sangiovese wine from Cantina Goccia.

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