Absolutely UNvegan!

For lovers of meat protein.

Doug F posted in Burgers
1y ago

Lets be clear here y 'all . There is no substitutes. No fat free anything. This is the real deal burger. Lets get into this guilt free pleasure.

When you build anything you start with a strong foundation. So we have a bottom bun toasted in real butter. Then comes that grilled beef goodness. Next several shakes of cayenne pepper. Add a slice of pepper jack cheese and a slice of American cheese. Now for crunch, three pieces of crispy bacon. Anyone else drooling yet? Now comes that fried egg cooked in butter maintaining that soft yolk. Another shake of cayenne some pickled jalapeno, ketchup, mustard and some mayo. Last but not least that soft top bun pressed down just enough to make that yolk leak a little. Simply burger heaven!

Ok FoodDevour is this burger heaven? Or do you feel that you are having a heart attack just reading it? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

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