Adventures in 1970s food: Frankfurter Bake recipe

Alterntive title: Lockdown No-Supermarket-For-Weeks-Desperation Bake

39w ago

What can I say. The 1970s gave us many great things: David Bowie, Space Hoppers, Decimalisation, The Silver Jubilee, the concept of using brown and orange for interiors, and many other great things. But it was also a dark era of home cooking, where things were microwaved, boiled, simmered and invented, that never should have been. Peanut Butter Soup anyone?

One recipe that is either hideous or genius, depending on which angle you view it from, is a classic from the brain of Marguerite Patten, one of the first 'celebrity chefs' who grew in popularity after her programme on the BBC. She passed away in 2015, leaving a legacy of weird foodstuffs in her wake.

I should most probably give her the credit that she deserves, as it was her who taught many of our grandparents to cook, and our parents at that. And she has a killer recipe for fudge which I'll post up here at some point too.

Cooking with Frankfurters is hit and miss. Given the world of processed meat is not always the most transparent, it's hard to really know what goes into them. Also, they can be (Ye Olde Oake from Morrisons particularly) bland and tasteless.

Personally I recommend spending a bit more and get gourmet ones that actually taste of something. However given where we already are, we've already gone down that rabbit hole of processed stuff, so ultimately it might not matter that much.

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  • I've been looking through one of my mum's inherited '70s cookbooks recently. It seems it was a time when food that looked symmetrically perfect was desirable.

      9 months ago
    • Good story Chris, thanks for posting.

      The use of mass produced , high quality art deco shaped Tupperware jello moulds, to produce neat savoury meals was a popular food prep method, because they were easy to use, and made good use of left...

      Read more
        8 months ago
  • I would totally make this! Making vintage recipes are a little like time travel right to the era.

      8 months ago
  • A quick walk through the local thrift shop and Woolworths yield the basics of a '50s to '70s art deco waterfall jello meal.

    This is the famous Aussie Aeroplane Jelly.

    It's the zero sugar version.

    So I guess a savoury entrée , mains or a sweet desert could be made with it.

      8 months ago