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AI coffee makers are coming to Starbucks

The new machines could mean less waiting for your triple espresso

1y ago

Coffee giant Starbucks is preparing to launch a pretty progressive innovation this year: artificial intelligence-enabled coffee machines.

According to Yahoo Finance, 4,000 of these new Mastrena II coffee machines will arrive in Starbucks stores this year. And all stores in the US and Canada are expected to have them by 2022.

Word is, these AI machines can churn out a triple espresso instantly — so chances are, you’ll be waiting less time in line for your cup of joe each morning.

Using in-built sensors, the machines also collect data on what products are selling and when the hardware might need to be repaired.

Starbucks board member and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told Yahoo Finance:

“Starbucks to me is a coffee company that cares deeply about coffee. But what they have always done is use technology to improve that core ethos of Starbucks. That’s whether what they do in their supply chain or what they do in terms of the retail experience or their new mobile convenience experiences. Everything is about using technology, but never losing sight that at Starbucks Coffee Company it’s about coffee and the coffee experience.”

What do you make of Starbucks' plan to roll out AI coffee machines?

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Comments (2)

  • Are we calling coffee vending machines AI now? What’s non-deterministic about a flat white? Marketing horses**t.

      1 year ago
  • As if Starbucks jobs weren't insecure enough already...

      1 year ago