Alcohol-free Guinness is back, have you tried it?

Guinness relaunch its 0.0% beer after mould concerns

1w ago

Guinness had to withdraw every single can of no-alcohol Guinness back in October 2020 over concerns it may have contained mould.

The company took about four years to develop the beer but just a few weeks after its initial launch, the Foods Standard Agency said the product “may contain mould". Diageo, Guinness' parent company, removed all cans from the shelves, stating that "a microbiological contamination may make some cans unsafe to consume”. Now, after relaunching the product in Ireland, Guinness 0.0 is expected to hit the shelves across the UK by late August, and the company is also installing draught beer systems in various locations throughout the UK to offer Guinness 0.0 on tap.

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Diageo MD Dayalan Nayager stated that "the quality of Guinness is really important. We built the brand on its quality credentials, and we made the call to take it back based on us not being happy with the quality initially. We wanted to make sure that when we relaunch it is at the quality we expect."

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