Aldi introduces priority shopping for NHS, police and fire service at any time

No need to queue outside for these vital workers

47w ago

Lines to enter supermarkets stretch around car parks nationwide. Now, almost all supermarkets are restricting the number of customers allowed in at any one point to a painfully low number. This is to ensure everyone has enough space, and to ensure that staff members are able to restock as the shelves are slowly emptied.

But as a result, shopping has become an extremely long job. For most of us, this is ok; it's not like we've much better to do at the moment.

However, for vital workers, time is still of the essence. Subsequently, Aldi has introduced a queue jump system for NHS, police or fire workers. Any staff from these sectors can head right to the front of the queue, flash their ID card to the Aldi staff member monitoring the door, and they'll be able to enter as soon as social distancing measures allow.

The German supermarket has already announced that it will open its shops half an hour earlier for these workers, but this additional measure means that vital public sector staff can do their shopping around any shift.

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  • That’s nice 😊

      10 months ago