Aldi makes Brewdog Punk IPA ripoff – Brewdog responds in true Brewdog fashion

Well played, BrewDog!

21w ago

We're all familiar with Aldi, right? Aldi is a German-owned discount supermarket chain with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries and, just like most supermarket chains, they don't just sell third-party products but have their own line of food items and beverages. The little fracas started when Aldi announced their own brand of IPA and they decided to call it 'Brewdog Ald IPA'.

The point is Aldi's IPA is a blatant copy of Brewdog beer, there's no two ways about it. They even used the actual name Brewdog. It all feels a bit off, and I'm assuming there's no copyright infringement involved otherwise we'd already be hearing about potential legal implications in court.

BrewDog is a highly successful multinational brewery and pub chain based in Ellon, Scotland and well, they've responded in kind because James Watt, co-founder and CEO of Brewdog, said that “The time to start worrying is when no one is copying you."

And hold on because it gets better. BrewDog has also announced a new beer, cheekily named 'Brewdog Yaldi IPA'. Hard to tell whether they're actually planning it or not (probably not). Or maybe there's a third option. Maybe BrewDog and Aldi have been trolling us looking for free publicity for an upcoming collaboration or something. Who knows? Either way, well played, BrewDog.

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