Aldi's Blueberry Country Cream looks like delicious alcoholic pie and we want it

How would you have it?

Tim Rodie posted in Drinks
42w ago

I like to think of myself as something of a sweet-booze connoisseur. If it's fruity, boozey and – preferably – pink, then I'm there.

So when I saw that Aldi stocks Connellys Blueberry Country Cream (think of it as Bailey's but cheaper and much… fruitier), I sort of lost my mind.

It's been spotted by the brilliant AldiMadeMeDoIt on Instagram, and it looks like the perfect summer tipple for those who love a creamy, fruity liqueur. That's all of us, right?

After all – who doesn't like the idea of drinking a pie that gets you pissed? If that's not you then we can't be friends.

Blueberry pie coffee hangover cake?

A comment on AldiMadeMeDoIt's Insta post suggested you can add this stuff to coffee – but someone who clearly possesses both tastebuds and a brain suggests that blueberry coffee would be utterly vile.

Other commenters more wisely suggest pouring it over pound cake or adding it to milkshakes.

We're actually dribbling a little at the thought of this – although it appears it's only available in stateside Aldi store, so us poor folk in Europe will have to concoct our own blueberry creamy alcohol. What a pity.

How would you use and abuse Blueberry Country Cream? Tell us below!

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Comments (6)

  • As a fellow fruity booze connoisseur who chose his first gin based on its strawberry colour, I'm similarly tempted. Aldi's Not Baileys isn't that bad.

      9 months ago
  • I bought the blueberry country cream out of curiosity. I picked up a similar product (made with whiskey) while on vacation in TN. Since this product is made with wine it's not as heavy. I blended it with ice and a few.frozen blueberries...the result...a light boozy BB shake that makes my heart happy, cause I'm a sucker for BB shakes. The price is great too, at $8.99 USD compared to it's whiskey cousin at $25.00 USD. NEW GO-TO!!

      6 months ago
  • Is this in the US?

      7 months ago
  • That was a bit of a tease. Where does it come from?

      9 months ago
  • I dream of living in a state where one can purchase alcoholic beverages in a grocery store. State of woe aside, I would try this, but NOT in coffee. Thinking I would want it to be very cold, though, when I sip it from a tumbler.

      9 months ago