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All the Ciders: Something Tropical from London

So I found something new at the Supermarket.

Robin Ho posted in Drinks
31m ago

Just yesterday, while buying some Ingredients at the Supermarket, I found something kinda special: A Cider I had never seen before.

And it was something British, right from the south bank of the Thames in the middle of London.

A Can of Hawkes.

A Can of Hawkes.

I had never heard of Hawkes Cider before, and they only had Pineapple Punch available. But it is still my Mission to try out all the Ciders I can get.

So I decided to buy a Can and give it a shot. It could have been exceptional after all.

In a Glass.

In a Glass.

Sadly, it was not. For me, it was actually a bit too sweet. While it definitely tasted a lot like Pineapples, I was actually not the biggest Fan of it.

I have however also found out that there are other Flavours out there, who h I am now on the lookout for.

Urban Orchard and Dead & Berried sound especially enticing to me. I would be really happy to find some of those.

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