All the updates to the McDonald's menu, plus the return of the double Big Mac

Sadly, we must wave goodbye to the Mozzarella dippers for now

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As we drift into the winter season, McDonald's is switching up its menu to offer us some different menu items, while removing some for the time being.

The biggest change being made to the menu is the return of the double Big Mac – something only hardcore Maccies fans will take on... due to its immense size.

This massive burger is essentially a Big Mac sandwich but with four beef patties instead of two. It also comes with extra salad, an extra slice of cheese, more Big Mac sauce, and an extra bun. A medium Double Big Mac meal will cost £5.69, or you can just buy the sandwich for £4.19.

Other new items gracing the McDonald's menu include the Crunchie McFlurry (and Crunchie McFlurry mini), and Nacho cheese wedges costing £1.89.

However, in order to make way for these new items, we have had to say goodbye to six menu items (for now). These include the Big Tasty burger with Emmental cheese and the signature Big Tasty sauce, mozzarella dippers (in share box form too), the Chicken BBQ Smoke House burger, Cadburys chocolate McFlurry, and the Cadbury chocolate caramel McFlurry.

This is quite a big switch up for the McDonald's UK menu, but we think they're good changes with plenty to look forward to. The new menu items will begin on October 13, 2021 – so you still have time to grab your favourites before they go!

Which new menu item are you most looking forward to?

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