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Kieran Bicknell posted in Wine
4w ago

Usually, around this time of the year, we'd be dreaming of booking our next holiday to some exotic destination, which generally involves flying.

For some of us, we'd be lucky enough to fly first class. But, the reality is that many of us didn't take a single flight last year, and it looks like those numbers will stay down for 2021 too. So, how can we recreate the joys of flying, without actually setting foot on a plane?

Well, Flagship Cellars - wine supplier to American Airlines - are teaming up with American to offer their new 'wine club' subscription service, offering a way of sampling the tastes of the skies, without leaving your home.

Many of us are really, really missing air travel at the moment.

Many of us are really, really missing air travel at the moment.

Flagship Cellars will offer 'A La Carte' or bundle packages of the exact wines served on American Airlines flights, with the choice of reds, white, champagnes or ports, and can be bought by the bottle or through the Wine Club subscription service.

Should you go down the subscription route, you'll get three wines every month, from your choice of either all reds, or a mixture of red and white wines, depending on your taste.

Frequent flyer members of American's AAdvantage program can also earn two air miles per dollar spent through Flagship Cellars - perfect for when you're booking the tickets to your next adventure, whenever that may be.

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  • I'll take this subscription. I'll drink the great ones, and take a bath in the wines that don't make the mark. The bathroom is going to have the fragrance of a chilled barrel warehouse. It will be divine.

      1 month ago