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Drinking some Coors.

Robin Ho posted in Beer
10h ago

Yesterday, while I was buying Ingredients for my Sucuk Pizza, I also discovered something that I thought I would never see her in Germany:

A Box of Coors Light* in Cans.

And I actually decided to go ahead and buy some.

The Can is open.

The Can is open.

After taking about it with some Friends, most notably Doug F, and having been warned about the Beer, I still decided that I had to try it out myself.

I did that just now. And I have to admit that I actually did not hate it. That does not mean that I loved it or that I think it is a good Beer, not by a long shot.

But I definitely had worse Beers. Some of them actually from Germany.

The Beer was ver watery and did not have that much Flavour to it, but it did not actually taste all too bad.

I still will not buy it again though. There are better Beers that cost less after all. But I always wanted to try some Coors.

A gimmicky Can.

A gimmicky Can.

What I definitely liked about the Beer though was it’s very gimmicky Can.

That Thing can actually tell you when the Beer is cold by turning some parts of it, in this Case the Mountains, blue.

I have absolutely no Idea how that actually works, and it is very much a gimmick that does not really affect the Quality of the Beer at all. But I found it kinda cool.

It works!

It works!

And the best Thing is: That ‘Feature’ actually works. Both the big and the small Mountain did turn blue after some Time in the Fridge.

The Beer was actually ‘nice’ and cold as well. And for anyone that is not British, that is exactly how Beer should be. Not warm.

*Coors and Coors Light are the same here in Europe. The Name was changed at the beginning of the Year according to the Internet.

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  • www.anvari.org/shortjoke/Sex_Humor/1437_what-does-american-beer-and-making-love-in-a-small-rowing-boat-have-in-common.html

      7 hours ago
  • You handled it better than I would have, that stuff tastes like rotten yeast. They should spend less on the can and more on the beer.

      9 hours ago
    • I can not confirm the Taste, but they could definitely do much better. When it comes to North American Beers, I actually prefer (but have not had in a long Time) Steam Whistle from Toronto and Muskoka from Muskoka.

        9 hours ago
    • They could do a whole lot better.

      I have not heard of either of those.

        9 hours ago
  • Sooo . . this meme doesn't work for Coors? 👀😂😅

      9 hours ago
  • You need to find some PBR!!!!!

      7 hours ago