American Pancakes Vs French Crepes

February... the month of valentines day, but also the month of Pancake day. We know which one we're looking forward to more.

1y ago

What better way to get into the Pancake day spirit than with one of the best foodie podcasts?The Erudus Podcast acts as a mouthpiece for the food service industry, covering the most current stories and hosting a plethora of interesting and inspiring guests. Andrew and co-host Victoria debate whether thin crêpes or thick American style pancakes have the taste edge and Andrew talks to the popular Newcastle eatery Monsieur Crepe about making pancakes and building a successful business in the catering sector.

What do you think... American Pancakes or French Crepes? And what toppings do you like on your Pancakes?

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Comments (3)

  • I like both in different ways American buttermilk pancakes I need butter and real maple syrup. Crepes I like kind of like strawberry cheesecake style, sweetened cream cheese with strawberry sauce.

      1 year ago
    • Hi Jane!

      Question is... do you like bacon with your American Pancakes. And do you just like a sweet crepe or a savoury crepe?!

        1 year ago
    • Most of the time sausage but I wouldn't turn bacon down. I've only had crepes on the sweet side.

        1 year ago