Amsterdam is turning its greenhouses into restaurants

Efforts to revive the restaurant sector are heating up.

48w ago

Coronavirus has struck the restaurant industry down harder than a seagull attacking a cone of chips. Thousands of workers have been furloughed or made redundant as businesses all over the world shutdown either temporarily or permanently.

The need for ingenuity and entrepreneurship has never been greater, so company owners everywhere are steadily grappling with adjusting to life under Covid-19 restrictions and trying to predict how things will irreparably change in the future.

Obviously, this is not an easy task for anyone, especially given the immense strains that such financial and lifestyle alterations cause. One firm in the Netherlands should therefore be applauded (not literally – we don’t need another day of clapping) for the inspiring and bold steps it has taken to keep its restaurant operating safely and efficiently.

It’s a solution so simple I can’t believe no one has thought of it before: greenhouses. Yes, the little glass structures used for housing blooming tomatoes have been found to be just as useful for seating diners while they enjoy their luxurious meals (unless they are just being fed freshly plucked tomatoes).

The idea stemmed from art design company Mediamatic and was quickly put into practice. Householders who have been isolating together are allowed to sit in an individual greenhouse pod while waiters wearing protective equipment serve meals on a long wooden board that is pushed through a hatch in each greenhouse.

The unusual restaurant offers a four-course vegetarian menu, which is certainly in-keeping with its surroundings. However, one glaring omission is that nobody seems to have considered what happens when the sun comes out. If you’re thinking of eating at the restaurant, it may be advisable to take some handkerchiefs and deodorant with you.

Currently, the greenhouse eateries are only a trial, but it is hoped that the restaurant will open fully by 21st May once the brilliance of the plan has shone through and the friendly reviews have taken seed.

What’s the strangest restaurant you’ve ever eaten at?

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  • That picture is probably going to become one of the most iconic in history.

      11 months ago
  • Echinacia, garlic, and lavender futures, anyone ?

      11 months ago