An Australian cafe charges $198 AUD/£110 for a cup of coffee

Would you be willing to pay that much?

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Coffee. Many of us need it to get us going in the morning. Some of us are even true coffee connoisseurs, going everywhere and spending as much of our hard-earned cash as possible to find the finest bean.

There is one cafe in Australia, however, that takes the concept of luxurious coffee for the discerning drinker to the extreme. Gesha Cafe (located in Surrey Hills in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia) is charging $198 AUD (around £110) for one of its Yuzo-style premium coffees and, according to its devotees, the taste is well worth the astronomical cost!

Photo: Gesha cafe

Photo: Gesha cafe

C'mon, why does it cost THAT much?

Why is this kind of coffee so expensive? Well, Gesha coffee (named after the village of Gesha, Ethiopia, where it was first cultivated before being spread to central America) is very difficult to grow and needs to be sourced from remote locations. In the case of the super-expensive coffee you'll find at Gesha Cafe, it comes from the highlands of Panama.

Whilst Gesha coffee is grown in many different parts of central America including Colombia, Panamanian beans are considered to be the absolute best. Gesha beans require extremely specific growing conditions, something that the altitude, volcanic soil and distinct microclimates this part of the world has. It's little wonder, then, that the Panamanian beans turn out to make such incredible coffee.

A Panamania Gesha strain actually sold for a record-breaking $1029 (£738) per pound in 2019. No wonder it has to be sold at such a high price when it makes its way into places like Gesha Cafe!

Photo: Gesha Cafe

Photo: Gesha Cafe

Despite being incredibly expensive, the coffee has become a hit with certain customers. One in particular, a man named Bernard, has one cup of the hugely expensive drink about once a month and describes the taste as "smooth, aromatic and with fruit and butterscotch characteristics". You'd expect that kind of language from a sommelier! That's something that the cafe's owner Ken Taing seems to back up, saying to 7NEWS that "[It's] the most unique and beautiful coffee in the world."

Fancy a taste of this coffee yourself? All you have to do is head to this small cafe in a Melbourne suburb. Just make sure that your bank account is given plenty of advance warning...

Would you ever pay that much for a single cup of coffee?

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Comments (5)

  • Why would you ask so much for a coffee in these times. Most people can't have even a hot meal every night. So NO I would pass this and go for a simple cheap one

      2 days ago
  • 🤔 too expensive. I would try an affordable version of that type of coffee bean.

      2 days ago
  • I love and appreciate coffee so much that I would pay the price. I may starve after that, but I would taste it, no doubt in my mind.

      1 day ago
  • Forget the coffee - I'd just like to be able to TRAVEL to either Panama or Australia...🥲

      2 days ago
  • I'll stick to my K-cups. They're free to me at work! :D

      2 days ago