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An easy way to make McFlurry cakes

But many can’t decide whether it’s a hack or a horror.

3d ago

Melting ice cream is one of the worst realities of life, right up there with the constant risk of inexplicably falling over in public and the daunting prospect of one day being subjected to viewings of childhood videos.

In addition to the inconvenience of the mess and permanently sticky fingers, the trauma instilled by sacrificed ice cream is immeasurable, seeping into nightmares for months on end. With summer fast approaching – and hopefully at least one mildly warm day to look forward to – the risk of disaster is increasing by the second.

However, promise has landed from that bastion of scientific knowledge and genius: TikTok. Yes, it’s another short video clip of an idea that will transform our lives, this time focussing on a two-ingredient recipe to make a childishly straightforward ice cream cake.

TikTok user Emily Canham has revolutionised the idea in a recent video, using only a McDonald’s chocolate McFlurry and self-raising flour.

The simple process was to pour the ice cream and flour into a bowl, mix it together a little bit and then tip it all back into the McFlurry carton, which was then heated in an microwave for two minutes.

Canham was humble and reticent reviewing the final result, commenting: “this is my new fav thing ever”.

Although there was criticism regarding the sophistication of the process, the revolutionary recipe was copied by another TikTok creator – @heyitsamess – who judged the design to be “a game changer”.

Regardless of the impressiveness of the TikTok inspiration, finally all of our ice creams can be safeguarded against the dangers of the dreaded dripping.

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Comments (4)

  • We onces had the Mc FLurry "Stroopwafel" (Dutch Syrup waffle). It was the best ever!

      3 days ago
    • Stroopwafels are the best things ever! Dutch lorry drivers used to bring them over for us when I worked at my old job - happy times

        3 days ago
    • I noticed a while ago you can actually order them on Amazon!

        3 days ago
  • 🤔 not sure about doing this one

      2 days ago