An honest review: Neat Burger

Does the new vegan burger chain live up to its expectations? Here’s an in-depth review of the groundbreaking firm's new franchise.

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Just a small disclaimer before we start. I am in no way a qualified food critic and I am simply giving my outlook on what I though of this restaurant. So please keep on mind that all the views on this article are my own. But enough about me - let's talk about Neat Burger.

On Friday the 6th of September, I went to Neat Burger, a restaurant specialising in plant based burgers which is heavily invested in by multiple F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton . I went with two of my friends on a rather nice day in London. The weather was quite nice and the trip to the Mayfair based eatery wasn’t that bad.

For reference, the restaurant is only a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus train station. This puts the restaurant in a rather convenient place for tourists and locals as nearby attractions include: Oxford Street, Selfridges and Regents Street. So once you’ve finished chowing down on some healthy grub, there are many sights to see in the wonderful city of London. But enough about the location, let’s take a look at the food.

First impressions

I loved this decoration located near the waiting area

I loved this decoration located near the waiting area

When we first approached the restaurant, we were quite underwhelmed. The restaurant didn’t seem to stand out from the rather dull surroundings of Princes Street - perhaps they were going for more of an understated approach.

Our seating was quite nice for a restaurant

Our seating was quite nice for a restaurant

At 12:15 we walked into the restaurant and my attention was instantly diverted to the palm trees on the wall, which contrasted well with the white walls. The ordering area was surrounded by a sea of well dressed men and women eagerly awaiting their nutritious meal, so it's clear that the clientele of this chain was unlike that of McDonalds or Burger King.

What was the ordering process like?

I arrive at the front of the short queue and I was greeted by a smiling member of staff who kindly took my order. I was ready to pay with my £20 note but he pointed to a terminal located in front of me which prompted me to pay via card. I did have my card on me at the time but I can’t help but think that the chain will have a very slow start if the payment system is cashless. Call me old fashioned but I still like it when I have to hand over a physical note with the Queens rather bemused face on it.

What did we get?

My order number was 196 had an order for the Chick’n Burger which I was very much looking forward to. I waited a good 15 minutes for my order whereas my friends who ordered after me got their lunch within 5 minutes of ordering. My friends went for the same burger, ‘The Cheese’ which is supposed to imitate a cheeseburger. One friend got it with gherkins/pickles and tomato and the other got it without those items.

What was the place like?

We had a look at the area around us and saw that the seating was full and there was nowhere to sit. Fortunately, one of my friends spotted a staircase leading to additional seating, which wasn’t made completely clear to the rest of the hungry diners. We went to the downstairs seating area only to find four tables with not a lot of space. We sat next to the toilets which were some of the cleanest I’ve ever been in and the chairs were very comfortable.

Grubs up?

We tucked into our meal which was presented in a recycled cardboard box with some branded tissue paper to separate the fries from the burger. The presentation was very useful as it minimises waste as well as extra things to fiddle about with. The takeaway boxes had nice printed lid on the top which had a very good print, perfect for attracting a younger audience. My burger tasted very much like a normal chicken burger, I could tell it wasn’t the real deal with the aftertaste which tastes mint humbugs - I know I’m strange.

We were greeted by a wall with some interesting facts on it.

We were greeted by a wall with some interesting facts on it.

My friend who chose the burger without gherkins and tomato was enjoying his meal but the one who did have those items struggled immensely. The burger patty kept on sliding out after every two bites or so;it got to a point where it was really difficult to eat. My friends did agree however that this was one of the best vegan things they ate. The only criticism I have for food is that the skinny fries were a little cold, which spoiled the overall taste of the meal.

Was it pricey or was it a bargain?

My lunch cost £14.00 altogether. £8 for the burger, £3.50 for the fries and £2.50 for some Just Water. This was by far an expensive lunch but I do think that the prices will go down once the brand starts gaining some traction. McDonalds may be cheaper but is it as good for your body as Neat Burger?

Is Neat Burger the restaurant for you?

As I said before, I’m no food critic but I would highly recommend going if you are that area of London and it is perfect for a full vegan lunch. The chain is suited more for adults than children but if your children want a quick bite to eat, then this restaurant is a good choice for a nice meal out.

Here's a breakdown of what I though of the place overall:

Food - 8/10
Customer service: 6/10
Overall atmosphere: 8/10

Please excuse the awkward poses in the hero image and in the last one. I'd hate to be that guy...

Will you be visiting Neat Burger soon? Let me know in the comments!

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