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Angelina Jolie is trying to sell off the wine business she shares with Brad Pitt

It looks like there could be quite a bit of legal wrangling involved...

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Some of you may remember that, before their divorce in 2019, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were involved in the wine business. Their 1000-acre Chateau Miraval estate in France (the property where they had their wedding in 2014) had been making wine under the auspices of the celebrity couple since 2013, but it seems like that business venture is soon to be done. Jolie has been reportedly trying to sell off the winery to a third party for 2 years. An interested buyer has apparently been found, but she's having some troubles completing the sale.

What's apparently stopping Jolie from completing the sale is the use of Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROs). They were put into place during the couple's divorce proceedings and Jolie's legal team is asking for them to be lifted. If the ATROs are lifted, she can close the deal before the alleged buyer loses their interest from having to wait too long for the deal to be completed. According to court documents obtained by Fox News, a request similar to this was made last month but was denied and a hearing has been scheduled for September to address the issue.

Jolie's attorney Joseph Mannis argues that Jolie acquired Nouvel LLC (what the estate is registered under as a business) before her marriage to Pitt. This would make her the "sole member" of the business, even though her and Pitt currently hold equal shares. Jolie's legal team also alleges that their request for a hearing was filed because Pitt's attorney Lance Spiegel has failed to provide any kind of response as to why Pitt and his legal team opposed lifting the ATROs and allowing Jolie to sell the business.

"As of the signing of this declaration, I have not received a response to my inquiry on June 25, 2021, whether Respondent will stipulate to lift the ATROs as they may apply to the subject sale transaction," Mannis wrote. "I also have not received an explanation of the legal basis for Respondent to block the sale other than the existence of the ATROs."

Additionally, the court was told that Jolie "does not want to jointly hold separate property assets with her ex-husband or be his unwilling and disregarded business partner."

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