Angelo Poretti, Italian Red Beer

Valentina Testa posted in Beer
47w ago

And along with a good pizza... you need a good beer! I told you about Italian beers, days ago. Do you remember? Poretti Beer is one of those!

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  • It's amazing how simple everyday things sound so much nicer in Italian. Instead of Brauerei or brewery it's birrificio! I remember being on the train from Rome airport to the city center and first there was an announcement in English, like Dear Passengers, blah, blah, whatever. And then in Italian: Gentili clienti... Made me feel so much better right away even though I didn't understand a single word 😁 But then again, Italians are the only people who can get away with calling a car Four Doors 🤣

      10 months ago
    • This is why I need to learn Italian. Just switching a few words in a sentence for extra pizzazz is a conversational skill I want.

        10 months ago
    • Awww how cute you are you two!!! I was thinking of starting a bilingual video series, only I have to organize them well!

        10 months ago