Another day, another TikTok trend – say hello to Oreo sushi

Okay, this one isn't as bad as it sounds...

2d ago

I know, I know here is yet another TikTok food trend, but hear me out, as this one sounds really nice.

Known simply as 'Oreo sushi', you may be turned off at the thought of mixing chocolate biscuits and raw fish. But stick with us here...

All Oreo sushi is, is just Oreos and chocolate sauce, which replaces the soy sauce.

They're very simple to make and look absolutely delicious. All you need is a pack of Oreos, some milk, a tiny bit of skill, and the aforementioned chocolate dipping sauce.


Would you give Oero sushi a try?

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Comments (9)

  • It'd be more of a TikTok trend if it was mixed chocolate and raw fish.

      2 days ago
  • Oh no! 🙄

      2 days ago
  • That is pretty cool!

      2 days ago
  • Haha 😂

      2 days ago
  • this is the only good titktok trend, most of the are made by retards like showing beef steaks into a toaster or drinking coffee with avocado.

      2 days ago