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    Anything is paw-sible: Peperami unveils pork-scented spray to find lost dogs

    Puperami eau de lurette

    Rachael Hogg posted in Pets

    21w ago


    Peperami, of lunchbox salami stick fame, has unveiled a prototype pork-scented spray, to help find lost dogs.

    The spray: ‘Puperami: Eau de Lurette’, will contain a water-based solution spiked with the distinctive scent of Peperami.

    The biggest and most important foodie announcement of the day follows the news of a missing dog which survived two days without food and water after falling in a ‘hidden hole’. Coco the Pekingese Cross was eventually lured out with the smell of a salami stick.

    If I ever disappear for a while, you can lure me out of hiding the same way…

    Peperami hopes dog-owners will be able to head out in their neighbourhoods, armed with a striking green bottle of Puperami, and retrieve their AWOL canines using the smell we all know so well.

    A spokesperson for Peperami said, “We’re thrilled to hear that Coco has been found safe and sound, thanks to the help of Peperami. Although our pork snacks aren’t suitable to be digested by dogs, we’ve been inspired by the story and looking into how we can replicate the same smell of our original salami stick in spray form. The ‘Puperami: Eau de Lurette’ prototype will aim to help future dog-owners find their furry friends.”

    Not one for missing a PR op, the product is surprisingly currently only in the initial stages of development, with no price or timeline set... However, apparently 'anything is paw-sible', and hopefully we’ll see it in 're-tail stores' soon.

    Who knows, maybe it could double as a very niche cologne?

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    Comments (5)

    • If they ever make a bacon lure, I'm done for.

        4 months ago
    • That is totally brilliant. I think one of my neighbours maybe testing it

        4 months ago
    • The image is creepy, it will keep me away. That hand looks alien, zombie, burnt. It might be good for Halloween 😁.

        4 months ago