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A​nything to eat? Not a sausage, I'm afraid

T​op London domestic chef pigs out.

38w ago

O​verall, I've had some pretty good experiences with meat-free burgers. They don't taste of meat, generally, but they don't have to: they can have a burger-like structure and, as pointed out in a previous post, once embroiled in all the 'trimmings' that make up a burger in a bun, you'd hardly notice the difference.

V​egetarian sausages have been less successful, in my view. Many of them are very tasty, sure, but they lack that essential essence of sausageness. They are combinations of vegetable matter merely formed into a sausage-shaped tribute, in the way that Richard Hammond is some industrial-grade rubber engineering components arranged as the vague semblance of a human being.

N​ow; I wasn't expecting enlightenment from Richmond, purveyors of government-issue bangers since the time of Cromwell (Thomas), but these are pretty bloody good. On opening the packet, they look like sausages (at least sausages from the 1950s). They even smell like sausages, and they feel like sausages when you pick them up.

B​ecause I was cynical, I eased myself in with a sausage stir-fry, pictured below. The sausage chunks were flavoursome, although what isn't once you've chucked some oyster sauce in? They had a sausage-lite texture and lacked those gristly bits you get in real austerity snorkers, but perhaps cooking them under a grill would give them a bit more backbone. Or on a barbecue, if for some reason your house doesn't have a proper cooker.

I​'m duly impressed. The true test, of course, is if they taste any good served with chips and a fried egg. I have a few left, so watch this space.

C​onstructional drawings show correct distribution of broccoli.

C​onstructional drawings show correct distribution of broccoli.

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  • of course you post this as I'm sitting here binge-watching James May's Toy Stories.

    I've had mixed successes with vegetarian sausage. Or as a friend calls it soysage. Some have been close to passable, while others tasted like sausage looking dirt.

      8 months ago
  • I made vegan sausages. They were tasty. I cut them into 1 in. pieces, sauteed them with onions, garlic and peppers. Then, I put the mixture in a homemade marinara sauce. When warm, I ladled into hoagies, topped with mozzarella and devoured.

      8 months ago
  • I find meat free sausages taste more dry than their meaty counterpart. If they could crack that maybe I might have them more often 

      8 months ago
    • I found that too until I experimented with how to cook them. The best way I have found so far is to cook from frozen, steam for a couple of minutes to defrost and gently heat through, then do a quick hot sear on the outside until they look right. The...

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        8 months ago
    • I’ve tried something like this. They can be dunked in boiling water, then flash fried.

        8 months ago
  • They taste a bit dry for my liking - it’s almost like onion and sage stuffing that has been completely dehydrated. 😂

      8 months ago
  • A mate of mine marinates 20 kg batches of tofu, made from soy beans that he sometimes grows himself, in those bulk pickle buckets.

    It works out incredibly cheap, and then he just throws a little scoop in with a veg stir fry.

    Helps if you have the odd snow pea coming up in your garden.

      8 months ago