- Image accredited to @mnmtwinz via Instagram

Are Cheetos and Doritos hot sauces on the way?

Would you be brave enough to try these rumoured products?

1w ago

Remember the Flamin' Hot Doritos unveiled by Frito-Lay back in 2019? Well, a hot sauce to match that delicious late night snack is rumoured to be in the works according to Instagram junk food expert @mnmtwinz. The basis of their speculation is contained in their Instagram story but in a nutshell: they accidentally stumbled on a sponsored ad for the product, which stated that it was not yet available in their region upon clicking.

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These spicy condiments wouldn't be the first hot sauces with a Dorito logo. In fact, they make perfect sense as the Flamin' Hot Doritos chips were well-received two years ago. However, it should be noted that there is "no evidence of this being a real product coming out anywhere else on the internet".

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Comments (14)

  • Any Scoville units? Just out of curiosity 😊

      11 days ago
  • I would try it but I don't expect it to be very hot.

      12 days ago
  • I would try it with full expectation of being disappointed. It will not be remotely hot (just like the chips) and probably taste bad as well 🙄

      11 days ago
    • Most Doritos just aren't hot enough 😢 However, I am yet to try the Doritos Roulette. The bag even states that it's not recommended for children so you know it's...

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        4 days ago
    • I have tried those as well and I think them and the flaming hot are the same.

        3 days ago