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Are G&T flavoured yogurts a step too far?

Müller’s unlikely new flavour takes our gin obsession next level

Judy Cogan posted in Drinks
1y ago

G​in and tonic flavoured cakes, sweets and crisps already exist in the world and now thanks to Müller Light, we have a controversial new yoghurt that tastes like our favourite tipple.

Despite pots of the new flavours — G&T, pink gin and elderflower — containing less than 0.5% alcohol (effectively, alcohol-free) the yogurts have raised concerns by those who say they normalise alcohol in homes. While other G&T lovers are lapping them up.

Made with British milk, the yogurts are suitable for vegetarians, but not vegan-friendly. They are also fat-free, high in protein and contain no added sugar. Gin-Fun they are not!

They are now available in Tesco and Asda stores and are sold in six-packs, which include both flavour variants and priced at £3.

Expect more gin-food mashups to come. T​here's already G&T crisps on sale in Aldi, Joe & Seph’s gin and tonic popcorn to Jude’s gin and tonic ice-cream out there.

Gin sales topped a record £3bn last year, and it seems everyone wants a slice of the gin-craze-pie (now there's an idea!). What do you think, are these yogurts a step too far?

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Comments (2)

  • How do you drink gin? If i wanted that taste, i would chew on a pine tree.

      1 year ago
  • They are not.

    Just because you normalise alcohol in homes doesn't mean you normalise drunkeness, just as normalising computers in homes doesn't mean you normalise online porn and cyberbullying.

      1 year ago