Are Quorn and McDonald's teaming up to release new veggie nuggets?

Quorn fans around the world are begging Maccie's to 'Release the Nuggs'

2d ago

With veganuary in full swing and KFC announcing the return of their veggie burger, fans are now calling on McDonald's to release their own line of vegetarian nuggets, as part of a collaboration with meat-free giants Quorn.

Back in January last year, McDonald's launched their limited-edition vegan dippers, though, for some, it wasn't quite enough to replace or replicate chicken nuggets accurately.

However, one Twitter user in particular - oneofthosefaces - tweeted the fast-food giants directly, simply saying “Launch Quorn Nuggs @McDonald’s”. Well, they got a reply - not by McDonald's, but by Quorn.

According to Quorn, they heard the user "loud and clear" and the usage of a mischievous face emoji suggests that perhaps we'll be hearing more news soon.

Of course, this isn't to be taken solid proof as McDonald's producing Quorn nuggets, but, they certainly weren't denying it... so... it may still happen.

Given that Pizza Hut and Quorn joined forces last year to produce their Vegan Nuggets, Quorn have a history in the fast-food game, so McDonald's could well be their next partner.

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