Are these Mickey Mouse corn holders cute or terrifying?

The legendary hero of Disney has been put to a very important new use.

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A barbecue without corn is like an ocean without waves: completely unfathomable. Yet, despite the absolute necessity of having ample supplies of the sunny crop available at the traditional Australian cooking experience, it would appear that corn is left isolated from many barbecues.

Sausages, chicken, beef burgers and disgustingly dry bread can always be found in ridiculously huge amounts in the constant flow of social media posts that showcase the mostly disastrous summer cooking attempts of so many (whereas corn sometimes seems to be as welcome as a thunderstorm).

Perhaps the issue lies with difficulties in eating it. Corn can, after all, be a particularly tricky customer, falling apart after every bite and leaving fingers covered in suspiciously warm fluid. Thankfully, rampant consumerism is here to save the day once more with specially designed Mickey Mouse corn holders.

Presumably because literally every single product imaginable has been covered with a Mickey Mouse twist, the new corn holders are likely to be towards the obscure end of Disney merchandise. However, the official product – which is designed to look like a pair of the famous rodent’s shiny white hands – is supposed to be very practical in assisting the delicate art of corn eating.

Of course, the addition to the Mickey Mouse range of products will provide huge appeal to Disney fans and will add a useful gadget to your kitchen. They could be described as “adorable”, but are they really? Maybe my mind is tarred with cynicism, however I think that there’s something just a little bit sinister about giant metal spikes shooting out from Mickey’s hands. They don’t seem to be too far away from being a sci-fi monster of the future.

A set of four pairs of the novelty accessory can be purchased through Amazon for £19.99. If Mickey’s hands achieve nothing else, please let them put more corns back onto barbies.

Will you fork out for Mickey’s corn hands?

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