Are you a man? Do you feel awkward eating a hot dog? Here's a solution

Self-taught product designer Matty Benedetto has invented a device to help cure your hot dog anxiety

40w ago

Have you ever felt awkward eating a hot dog in public? Well, according to self-taught product designer Matty Benedetto, who hails from Burlington, Vermont, some of us do feel that way. After receiving a comment on Twitter related to one of his previous inventions where the Twitter user described said invention as "more suspect than a straight guy eating a hot dog in public," the 30-year old YouTube sensation decided to create the Glizzy Gripper, a device that allows you to hide your phallic-shaped snack away from prying eyes!

"I'm gay so I'm not self-conscious about eating phallic-looking food, but I suppose I can't speak for all men." Benedetto explained in an interview with Metro. "I never thought of this as a problem, so I knew I had to create the solution." Bendetto got to work on his new invention fast; it went from a 3D model to a fully working invention within 24 hours. He managed this mainly thanks to being able to 3D print it overnight before filming and posting the video after it had been printed.

If you're an awkward hot-dog eater and want to get a Glizzy Gripper for yourself, Benedetto isn't planning on putting this, or indeed any of his other inventions, up for sale. You'll just have to deal with your illogical anxiety about eating food containing a long sausage, unfortunately...

Other food-related quirky inventions that Benedetto has created in the past include the Cone Cream Catcher (a device that catches ice cream drips so it won't go running down your hand) and the Snack Saucer (a frisbee with a bowl attached to the top that you can use to throw snacks between you and your friends). There's also the Candle Cannon, a miniature air blaster that you can use to blow out candles on a cake! Safe to say, Benedetto is a very imaginative person and who knows, one day he could come up with a food-related invention that genuinely revolutionises things.

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